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Camila Cabello: Wealth and Wealth

Camila Cabello left the girl band Fifth Harmony in 2016 and started as a solo singer – quite successfully, because her second single “Havana” made it to number 1 worldwide. There is no question that their account balance must now be quite high. But how much does Camila Cabello really earn?

How rich is Camila Cabello today?

Even before Camila Cabello took off as a solo singer, her fortune was about 3.5 million dollars. That fortune skyrocketed when she left the girl band Fifth Harmony. Their current net worth is estimated at $14 million.

How did Camila Cabello get rich?

Camila Cabello is already worth 14 million US dollars at just 23 years old. But has the singer really only become so successful and rich with her own songs? What some may not know: Camila Cabello earns most of her income as a singer, but she is also a songwriter – not only for herself, but also for other pop stars. She wrote songs for Pitbull, Machine Gun Kelly and released two songs with her boyfriend Shawn Mendes. In addition, she has many model and sponsorship contracts, which also bring a few coins to the account.

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