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Ravensburger/Thinkfun give summer and autumn novelties… | news

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The publishing house Ravensburger and the partner publisher Thinkfun have announced the innovations for summer and autumn 2021 as part of a press release. Unless otherwise stated, these are to be published in September 2021. with Explorerthe Echoes Seriesthe Upside Down Challenge, Lotti Karotti and Cold Case there are already titles that we announced in an earlier news, but which will not be published until September

All playing explorers place in Explorer at the beginning four landscape tiles – there are grasslands, waters, desert or mountains – and three different rating tiles in each case in its own game frame. Then it goes from the starting village on an exploration tour. The exploration cards then specify where the players are allowed to make their crosses. One is uncovered per round and you decide on one of the two types of terrain on it and set three crosses. The players can then either take the identical terrain and make only two crosses or the other to make three crosses. In addition, crosses may only be made horizontally and vertically adjacent to existing crosses. As a result, it is always necessary to expand your own area, because fields with objects trigger special actions. Points beckon for provisions and gemstones, with maps you can put crosses on any type of building and with keys lost temples can be explored. However, those who first reach a temple here get the most points. Whoever has the most points in the end wins. For experienced players, there are additional order tiles and the game also has a solo mode.

in Echoes there are cards with objects that can be scanned with an app so that you can hear sounds and voices. The cases are divided into six chapters, which can be solved gradually by bringing cards into the right timeline. There is a help function of the app and the game material remains intact and can then be passed on. The three cases have already appeared and should still be published in the July be commercially available.

In the case of “The dancer” haunts a Scottish country house and the ghost of a deceased girl wants her to find out her death, in the case of “The cocktail” it is necessary to solve the mysteries of the cruel Steve, who is the leader of an underground group in New York, which has met in an illegal pub to forge its nasty plans and in the case “The microchip” it goes disintegration of modern civilization and the players have to listen to the traces of the past, as the world lies in ruins.

After 35 years and over 20 million copies The Crazy Labyrinth a new design. In addition to the box cover, this also applies to the game figures, the treasures and mythical creatures. New features include a unicorn, a black cat, a golden cup studded with precious stones and a magic potion. The rules do not change and it is still important to get to the treasures and mythical creatures on your own secret cards by shifting gears and to be the first to be back at your own starting point. In addition, there will be a Pokémontitle to the crazy maze as this brand celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Lady Hampton’s 100th birthday celebration is at stake because a master spirit and his cronies are doing their mischief in her mansion. The guests are already slightly panicked and threaten to leave. Only the two or four certified ghost hunters, who have graduated with “summa cum horror”, could succeed in defeating the master spirit. To do this, however, they have to find the right key to its hiding place, which is hidden in the three-storey villa. In doing so, they meet guests and employees who are informative and helpful – or perhaps not. Again and again, the players are faced with decisions that influence the course of the game.

Mystery Games: The Cursed Birthday is a cooperative adventure or storytelling board game. What happens next can be found in the story book or told by the appropriate app – including a spooky atmosphere. The ghost hunters have six rounds left for their search for the right key. At the same time, however, they must also keep the master spirit at bay and the panic in the house at a tolerable level, otherwise the hunt will be over faster than you can say “huch”. And only when the master spirit is found, the players are allowed to open the mysterious box at the bottom of the game box and pass the master exam.

Twelve cards per player:in, red is the trump card, the person with the most stitches wins. These are the basic rules of “Cut-off date 365″, the new, fast card or stitch game from the author house Brand. So far so good. But there is still the desk calendar… This is not from the new Ravensburger table calendar collection, but specifies the special rules in addition to the basic rule – for each day a different, a total of exactly 365. The first digit reveals the goal of the game: Who won and when? The second digit specifies the rules of the game. For example, you may only lay out the cards face down, change the trump color at 1 or only lay out straight number cards and then the odd ones. The month stands for special rules. In April, for example, Easter eggs wave with additional point gifts, in July a sunstroke threatens, with which you can not make another stitch. And in October – just in time for Halloween, you have to pay attention to the ghosts. Three ghosts for one person, and the game is immediately over for him. Stichtag is an exciting and varied card game with simple basic rules and a quick start. Also playable for colorblind people, as each color has a different calendar shape on the playing cards.

In the party and communication game Less is More linguistic creativity is required. Because it is important to describe a term with as few letters as possible that another person should guess. In each round, one person must guess. This shows the other a term, for example “greyhound”, but of course does not look at it itself. The other players now try to explain “greyhound” with as few letters as possible. They write their hopefully good and short explanation secretly on their writing boards and count the letters. The person with the shortest hint now has the advantage that he is allowed to show it first. “STURM WAU” only provides the counseling person with “I only understand train station” looks? Well, if you use too few letters or terms, you involuntarily help the other people. It is important to weigh up cleverly how cryptographically the explanation may be. So the person with the second fewest letters comes along: “RASSE FIFI RENN” – huh? “VIERBEINR SCHNLL” has written down the third person. Now, finally, a light comes on for the person who advises – and this and the last whistleblower:in get points. Depending on the level of difficulty, there are bonus points. Once it was everyone’s turn as a counseling person, the game ends and the person with the most points has won.

Ray Fox aka Rafael Neugart is a well-known influencer – he has more than 1.5 million followers on Youtube and around 860,000 followers on Instagram. For all fans of Ray Fox, who also likes to do crazy challenges, there is now the party game “Selfie Fox“. The name says it all, because the players are presented with funny selfie challenges. To do this, they use either their smartphone or the selfie frame from the box. In three different categories, the players have to prove themselves. In “Selfie” they have to represent one of eight terms – and the other players guess it in the best case. In the “Fox Challenge, tasks such as “Stand in front of a mirror or a selfie camera and flirt with yourself for 30 seconds” are waiting for you. And in “What the Boomerang” you represent an animal or an action, for example “smear bread”. Two seconds, and the representation must be repeated over and over again until a person guesses it. For successful selfies you can draw point cards – but be careful, there are also minus points, trading cards and in the best case wild cards waiting. Whoever first collected twelve points cards has won the game. But even more important: If you have the fewest points in the end, you have to complete a challenge that ise players at the beginning. It may be a bit nasty, but the players should also be a little gracious. Who knows, maybe it’s your turn in the next round…

Lotti Karotti celebrates its 20th birthday this year and gets a deluxe edition. The goal is to reach the carrot on the hill first. In addition to the opening holes, there are three other challenges in the deluxe edition: the mole, the drawbridge and the gate. In addition, the figures shimmer in a mutt-of-pearl effect.

in Upside Side Down Challenge Game everything is upside down. If it’s your turn, put on glasses that show you everything on your head. Then it is necessary to concentrate concentration and dexterity in 100 different painting and action tasks, because drawing a fish, pouring water from one cup into another or laying out four cards in a rectangle is suddenly no longer so easy.

What a feast for the four cheeky mice in Max Mouse Scare! They happily climb the ladders up to the huge piece of cheese and slide down through the holes. Where does which mouse land and who grabs how many cheese corners in this race? But beware, even cat Max is now sneaking around the corners! If you are not careful and let yourself be frightened, you will quickly get rid of your prey. And woe, Max catches a mouse and holds it. Then it has to stop collecting cheese until it frees the other players again. Whoever first manages to collect five cheese corners wins this funny cheese hunt.

As a brave little mouse, the players roll the dice in Where is the Gruffalo? through the dark forest. The Gruffalo has hidden under one of the five trees, but under which one? If you guess correctly and know where you are, you can beat the owl, the fox and the snake into flight and get to the destination. The winning person of the dice running game will be rewarded with a hazelnut. In addition, a My first memory: Grüffelo for small children.

In the Cold Case-Crime games by ThinkFun, the police ask the players for help to solve old crimes. You will receive diverse, realistic documents in a case file: witness interviews, laboratory reports, photos of the crime scene and other evidence. The players try to track down clues that the police have overlooked. They check alibis and reconstruct the course of events. Thus, as special investigators, they become part of the criminal history.

Cold Case is suitable for a single person or a small group of friends: the game combines guesswork, logical combination and thriller to create a captivating investigative experience. The inventors of the games, Jim and Adam Symonds from England, attached particular importance to realistic case scenarios that cannot only be solved in one way.

In the case of “A surefire storyThe players are in 1988 and There Andy Bailey, a 23-year-old investigative reporter, was found dead in the small village of Camdale in England. Despite the great efforts of the local police, the murderer was never found. In the case of “A pinch of murder” , which is the second case only in the November In 1983, Harold Green planned to attend the annual summer festival of his church in Melmbury, England. When he did not show up there, the search for him began, which ultimately ended with the discovery of his body. The murder was never solved.

Fans of the original Rubik’s Cube can be found in Rubik’s Slide a new challenge. As with the classic Rubik’s Cube, each of the six cube sides should only show one color. However, in Rubik’s Slide, the person does not twist any layers, but instead moves 25 small cubes. As with the well-known sliding puzzles, a field always remains free. A tricky game of patience on the go – as a relaxing pastime or in the fight for the next best time. the Rubik’s Roll is a compact travel game collection that matches the iconic Rubik’s Cube looks confusingly similar. Unlike the Rubik’s Cube, Rubik’s Roll but from 27 small cubes together that are not connected to each other. With these tiles, two to five players compete against each other in five different games: It is important to lay patterns, strategically place tiles and, above all, successfully roll the dice. The compact game collection with practical carry-on box provides versatile puzzle action on the go. at Rubik’s Capture the players look for predetermined patterns on a colorful playing field. Each person tries to mark the right place first with a grid of nine squares. The task cards show different patterns in the original colors of the classic Rubik’s Cube. A person uncovers a card and the wild hunt for the matching fields on the game board begins. Each of the 60 cards has at least one solution on each side of the double-sided printed playing field. All three Rubik’s novelties are to be presented in the October appear.

Robot Turtles” inspires preschool children playfully and with a lot of fun for programming – without a screen. It is quickly understood, quickly played and offers countless learning opportunities. At “Robot Turtles” all try to move their own turtle to the right gemstone by clever commands. It’s not about the competition, it’s about having fun.

source: Press release by Ravensburger

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