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Jenner in the Berchtesgaden Alps in Bavaria: 18-year-old survives 60-metre fall

With life-threatening injuries, an 18-year-old hiker from Lower Bavaria survived a fall from a height of over 60 meters on Saturday. According to the police, the young man had been on the Jenner in the Berchtesgaden Alps when he fell 60 to 80 meters into the depths and came to rest in the Königsbach – more than 20 meters of it over a vertical rock face.

According to a statement from the Bavarian Red Cross, the hiker had slipped on wet leaves. His companion of the same age heard him call after the fall and instinctively decided on the right course of action: Instead of risking his own descent, he immediately contacted the emergency call. For about 45 minutes, the seriously injured lay on Saturday morning until the arrival of the rescue forces in the water.

Rescue by helicopter

Because of the difficult terrain, the injured person was rescued by helicopter: »Christoph 14« flew off with a Berchtesgaden mountain rescuer, found the fallen man lying in the stream bed due to the still leaf-free trees and dropped the mountain rescuer and an emergency doctor with a winch on the elevated railway path with the companion. From there, the rescuer descended on the rope to the injured.

Since the supply in the cold water was not possible, they picked him up with the winch and flew him out to a nearby parking lot, where a Red Cross ambulance and an emergency doctor were already ready to provide medical care to the man. The helicopter then took the injured 18-year-old directly to the Traunstein Clinic, where he under under-operated.

Last year, the mountain rescue service in the Berchtesgaden Alps had freed another young hiker from a precarious situation: After a night on the mountain, the man had lost his way and was stuck in a 300-meter-deep gorge with an empty mobile phone battery. Hikers heard his cries for help and called the rescuers.

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