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Camila Cabello on Shawn Mendes: “I learned a lot about love from this guy”

Camila Cabello doesn’t really say a few words about her relationship with Shawn Mendes. “I always want the love between me and this person to remain,” the singer said in an interview in September 2019. Now Cabello has given an insight. On Instagram, the singer left a few personal lines.

To a photo showing her with the singer, the 23-year-old wrote: “I learned a lot about love from this guy.” Accordingly, it is not only happy moments that make up a relationship. It feels like the other is a mirror that reflects them.

Therefore, she must constantly face her fears, apprehenses, insecurities and thought patterns. “Sometimes it’s not as easy as it looks in pictures,” Cabello wrote. “Sometimes it’s messy and uncomfortable and ugly.”

Nevertheless, nothing goes beyond the power of love, it brings light into the darkness. It is the pull of gravity “that gives you the relentless power to be braver, wiser and better than you were yesterday.” For Cabello, being in love also means “always choosing that person with whom we go through the dirty stuff.” This is much more beautiful, raw and real than perfection.

In her post, Cabello called for people to be more vulnerable on social media instead of always presenting a perfect life. Because this behavior could make “we all feel particularly lonely and strange.”

Therefore, she asked her followers and fans to raise their glass to the clutter and strangeness of being human. “And on the lightness. And on instinct. And the relentless power that is love,” Cabello added.

The singer has been with Shawn Mendes for a year and a half. Together they delivered the summer hit of 2019 with »Señorita«. The Latin song was in first place in the charts in Germany for three weeks.

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