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Billie Eilish Horrifies Fans!

Billie Eilish fans are mad

In recent weeks, Billie Eilish really listens to a lot. One shitstorm after another chases the “Your Power” singer. After the accusations of racism against Billie Eilish, she apologized to her fans, but that didn’t really make things any better. The minds of some fans are still upset. And even if the hype about Billie Eilish’s documentary film “Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry” was great (and most of her fans watched the documentary), so many do not find it successful in retrospect. But why? What upsets and horrifies Billie Eilish’s fans about the documentary?

Billie Eilish Image cracked

Billie Eilish Documentary does not show them at their best. Of course, fans know that the documentary was filmed over a longer period of time, that Billie was a teenager and has grown and changed over the years as a human being. But still, their fanbase is horrified by some of the statements in the film! She doesn’t value her fans with some of her remarks. Especially the people who have helped her to her fame and her career. She doesn’t seem to have been happy enough about her Grammy nomination and she often complained that she hated writing songs. Some difficult moments between her and her mom were also documented. Some evil tongues denote Billie Eilish in her documentary simply as little gore. But isn’t each of us having a bad day? A bad phase? And shouldn’t a real-life documentary show exactly real life with all the rough edges? In summary, one can say: Billie Eilish still breaks records like on Instagram, and their music is listened to up and down. even if Billie Eilish Image is currently not the best, so her fans remain loyal to her.


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