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Ariana Grande and The Weeknd tease together music

April 20, 2021 – Stefan Angele

It is perhaps already the announcement of the year, which is actually not yet a real announcement, because it looks like the two Radio Hamburg megastars Ariana Grande and The Weeknd will soon be dropping new music together. Of course, the fans around the world are already freaking out!

Mysterious video on Twitter

Reason for the excitement: On Twitter, Ariana and The Weeknd have tagred each other in a mysterious video. Video is actually too much said, because the 8-second film is actually completely black. Strangely distorted sounds and voices can be heard in the snippet, which seem to sing “I don’t know wh I run away” with a lot of imagination. So maybe it’s even the title of the track? Or is it an allusion to the megahit “Save your tears”, which the two have newly recorded?

Emojis invite you to puzzle

In addition to the audios, the two megastars did not write much about the posts. Only a few emojis such as clouds, a raindrop and a gray heart are available as additional information.

Not the first collaboration

Of course, the new track will not be the first collaboration between the two megastars. The Weeknd, for example, was already at the start of Ariana Grande’s track “off the Table” from the album “Positions” and of course also on the megahit “Love Me Harder”, which conquered the charts worldwide.

Even more new music

You get a lot more new music every Friday on Radio Hamburg News Stream. Afternoon presenter Tim Gafron presents you the latest tracks of the week from your Radio Hamburg megastars or cool newcomers. Be sure to take a look! The easiest way to do this is via the web player here directly on the page or via the Radio Hamburg App!

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