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Without filters and make-up: Cardi B shares important message!

No one is perfect! Cardi B (28) has been super successful in the music business for years. Fans appreciate her not only for her spectacular rap skills, but also as an absolute style icon. But even the American artist is not always out of the egg, and that has encouraged Hater to make fun of her. This leaves Cardi but don’t sit on herself: She is now making a clear announcement on the net!

In an applied Instagramclip, the 28-year-old explains that she doesn’t care that unfavorable pictures of her are circulating on the net. “This is what my face looks like 20 minutes after getting up. No filter, the hair not brushed, the lips totally cracked and all that. I was never afraid to show my true self”, she writes to the article. Nevertheless, she could not understand why people take screenshots of videos – on these shots, no one looks good in her eyes.

nevertheless Cardi it doesn’t matter for a long time. “The only thing that matters to me is that I feel good in my skin, that I’m great and happy, that my records are going well – and just because you have so much hatred in you, you don’t have to pull me down. You can’t do that, I’m above it,” she explains in her short video. Whether with or without make-up, Cardi it’s just dazzling – and that’s exactly what she wants to give her fans on the way.

Cardi B, rapper
Cardi B at a gig in January 2020
Cardi B in May 2019

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