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Kylie Jenner: The rumor mill is simmering: Is she pregnant?

With their on-off relationship, entrepreneur Kylie Jenner (23) and rapper Travis Scott (29) keep fans in susm. Recently, pictures on Instagram show the two again very familiar. There are many indications of a renewed rapprochement between Kylie and Travis, who also have a daughter with Stormi (3).

After an Instagram story of the 23-year-old, about which “” also reports, there is now further speculation. Is the entrepreneur pregnant again?

Kylie Jenner eats vegetarian sushi

They are pictures of a meal that Kylie shares with her fans – and these pictures are suitable to fuel the rumor mill properly. The photo shows sushi rolls, which apparently do not contain raw fish, but are only filled with avocados.

On Twitter, fans reacted immediately. One states soberly: “Kylie eats sushi without fish… she’s pregnant.” Another formulated the assumption more cautiously than question: “Kylie eats sushi without fish? Is she pregnant?”

Kylie Jenner refuses alcohol

Fans recently sensed another indication of pregnancy during the broadcast of the reunion show of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. In the show, Kris Jenner (65) invited the group to drink a tequila together. But apparently Kylie took the glass in her hand, but left out the drink. This immediately led a fan to suspect: “After Kylie didn’t take the shot … she’s pregnant.” Another follower even said he had observed: “Kylie has apple juice in her shot glass because she is pregnant again.”

Kylie Jenner doesn’t have a baby belly yet

Whether Kylie is really expecting a child again, the future will show. At the moment there is nothing to see of a baby ball in any case. Just a few hours ago, the 23-year-old posted a picture on Instagram that shows her slim in a belly-free top. She only wrote: “Summer feelings”.

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