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Kim Kardashian: Behind her much-discussed, transparent Vatican outfit is a strong statement

Kim Kardashian wears a cut-out dress in the Vatican

Every outfit Kim Kardashian wears becomes a topic of conversation, but the fashion the reality star chose for his Italy vacation this week was particularly newsworthy. For a tour of the Colosseum, she wore logo shorts by Walter Van Beirendonck and a Bevza body, while lunch at the “Salumeria Roscioli” demanded the smallest cardigan in the world, Cleo Peppiatt’s mini-skirt with dragon pattern and a pair of Prada pumps with rose stem heels. Every outfit Kardashian packed was an event, but it was her all-white look from the Barragán runway for fall 2020 that caught the attention of the internet. The look she wore during a trip to Vatican City with Kate and Lila Moss became one of Kardashian’s most talked about looks.

Almost transparent with strategic cut-outs and a body-hugging silhouette, the dress is undeniably sexy, but Victor Barragán’s statement piece was about more than just showing skin. Inspired by his Mexican origins, Barragán’s collection was based on the Mexican Inquisition and the persecution of “brujas” and “brujos”, witches and wizards whose faith was considered heretical by the Catholic Church. “The collection is about sexuality as a power and protection against the widespread patriarchal rule used in the ‘brujería’ in the 16th century, which may still have an impact today,” Barragán told Karina González Ulloa of VOGUE. “There is a sense of female empowerment throughout the collection, mixed with nocturnal enchantment.”

Runway look from barragán’s fall/winter 2020 collection

Courtesy of Barragán

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