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Freising – Children’s Concert at the “Summer Miracle” – Freising

In the third “Summer Miracle” week, the organizers will once again present some musical highlights. The appearances of the Well Brothers (replacement date), the volume Impala Ray, the Storyville Shakers as well as that of Tom Appel &

Häns Czernik and the Poetry Slam are already sold out. Tickets are still available for the children’s program on Sunday, July 15, at 2:30 p.m. and possibly a few tickets at the box office.

“Wolferl auf Reisen” is the motto on 25 July at 2.30 p.m. at the children’s concert in the Amtsgerichtsgarten. Who was Mozart and why does everyone call the cheeky boy a “child prodigy”? What was life like back then? What does travelling sound like and what is an opera? Where did Anna hide her instrument, what else is exciting to find in the suitcase, and what is it like to stand on a stage yourself? In a lively, playful and artistic way, Anna Gottmann and Antonia Miller teach children from the age of three classical music and the life and work of the world-famous musician – a colorful concert full of opportunities to participate. The presentation of the Youth Culture Prize has been postponed again to Thursday, 22 July. (Free admission, registration under [email protected]).

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