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Children as Olympic spectators and Japan’s nuclear reactors to get even older

In episode 139 of our podcast, Miki, Micha, and Matze talk about how the Japanese government is upsetting liquor retailers that kids should watch the Olympics, even older nuclear reactors, and destructive dog pee.

The Japanese government continues to look to liquor retailers in its corona measures. The call to suspend trade caused a lot of criticism and put the government in distress. Furthermore, tax-free shops should now report quarantine breakers.

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Children as spectators for the Olympic Games

People in Japan are now tired of the corona measures. It is therefore hardly surprising that the ruling party and its coalition partner are becoming increasingly unpopular. At the same time, the number of infections in Tokyo is rising, reaching a new 6-month high.

The Olympic Games are scheduled to begin on Friday and the reports of problems are not taking off. Now the first infected person has already been reported in the Olympic Village. Nevertheless, students should be allowed to watch an Olympic football match, which causes protests.

Hotels, in the meantime, try to prepare for foreign guests. One caused outrage after they refused to allow foreign people to use an elevator.

Destructive power of dog urine

Japan’s nuclear reactors, which are now to run for more than 60 years, are causing further discussions. In the face of climate change, Japan will have to prepare for a hot summer this year, again.

Trouble makes the franchise “Super Cub” in Hokuto. In the city, rows of free posters as well as booklets with motifs from the series are bunkered and sold online for expensive money. Laugh of the week, on the other hand, is a traffic light master who has fallen over because too many dogs have used it as their toilet.

On our own behalf: We are deeply affected by the flood disaster in NRW and Rhineland-Palatinate and our thoughts are with the people in the disaster areas. At the moment, every help is needed and every euro can already make a difference. You can donate, among other things, via aktion Deutschland Hilfe or directly to the donation accounts of the affected communities.

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