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Celebrity trainer reveals the secret of Ariana Grande’s training

Ariana Grande has a dream figure.  But how does the singer keep herself so fit? Your personal trainer recently revealed the secret of Ariana Grande’s training. With several simple tricks, she manages to keep her desired weight.

The secret of Ariana Grande’s workout: excursions instead of working out in the fitness center

Ariana Grande Training Tips from the Personal Trainer

The singer follows several simple rules to keep her dream figure. She prefers to work out in nature rather than in the fitness center. Especially in summer she makes many excursions. Her personal trainer has given her 12,000 steps a day and she strictly adheres to them.

Dancing also helps to maintain the dream weight. Dancing in shoes with high heels.

Furthermore, the singer does only one exercise a day. Her personal trainer gives a new exercise every day, which she should repeat 30 times. Most often, she makes lunges backwards, which improve balance and strengthen muscles. Every other day, the singer also makes pike planks for the chest and shoulders and at least once a week she does pelvic lifts (still known as Glute Bridge) for the gluteal and back muscles.

When Ariana has a day off, she chooses cycling as part of her endurance training program. Cycling strengthens the muscles, improves breathing and has a very relaxing effect. It is the perfect start and the perfect end to every day.

You should definitely avoid these mistakes when training

train like Ariana Grande tips from the personal trainer

Motivation plays a decisive role in training. Because working out in the fitness center can be really exhausting. It is therefore much better to start slowly with long walks in spring and summer and then gradually try out new exercises and training methods. It helps if you set small goals every day and then try to achieve them all the time. The first step to the dream figure, however, is a healthy diet and restful sleep. Only when a daily routine is established, it can start with the training.

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