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Billie Eilish: Fans Misled on Tiktok with Fake Livestreams

Billie Eilish talks to her fans on social media in livestreams at intervals – but recently there was only one replay on Tiktok. Image: imago images/ZUMA Wire

Billie Eilish fake account surfaced on Tiktok: Fans were deceived with ancient livestreams

Billie Eilish is known for surprising her community. The singer gets in touch with her fans personally, throws herself into the crowd at concerts, answers personal questions on social media or suddenly changes her style and sets new trends. The “Lost Cause” singer has also held livestreams on Instagram, in which she has brought in individual followers and talked to them.

The other day it seemed to have happened again: Billie was live, but this time on the video platform Tiktok. In casual clothing, she supposedly spoke to the viewers, thousands of comments, likes and so-called poisons appeared in the live chat. But on closer inspection, it became clear that something was wrong here.

Fake account shows stream replay of Billie Eilish

Exactly this livestream was already available on Instagram in 2018. Particularly evident in the fact that the 19-year-old still had her gray blonde hair and not yet the shade she currently wears. It was a repetition of the stream that the fake account “billieeilishlive_1” had started.

A fake account showed a livestream replay of Billie Eilish. Image: Screenshot / Tiktok / billieeilishlive_1

The action was intended to give the impression that Billie himself is talking to her fan base, but that was not the case with the replay, which was not marked as such. In addition to the hairstyle, the fans could also have noticed that only two Tiktoks were uploaded to the account and the account did not have a blue verification check mark. In addition, Billie did not respond to the current questions of the viewers in the stream replay.

Tiktok doesn’t stop fake streams

And the fans were misled: They repeatedly sent poisons to the chart-topper and gave money to the fake account. Because the digital gifts are paid for with so-called coins, which can be bought with real money within the app. The poisons can eventually be converted back into money by the recipient. But instead of Billie, the fan gifts benefited the instigator of the fake account. The purpose of the poisons is first and foremost to get the attention of the streamer.

It is also not the first time that fake accounts have come through with the scam. Last month, a livestream replay of Billie went online, at times 43,000 viewers watched at the same time.

Even in the future, it will probably not be so easy to prevent such fake streams. Tiktok requires users who want to go live to have only 1000 followers and a minimum age of 16 years. Especially the subscriber hurdle is quickly reached with Billie Eilish in the username.

Without further ado, the minimum age of 18 years can also be specified to send poisons. To really make sure whether you are watching Billie live or not, you should probably take a closer look as a fan which account is hosting the stream. – and should also be a little more critical when giving gifts.


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