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Bella Thorne as sinful Little Red Riding Hood – B.Z. Berlin

Just a few more days and then it’s Halloween. And also the stars are again in the big disguise fever. Just like actress Bella Thorne (23, “The Babysitter: Killer Queen”), who already offers her fans great cinema – as Latex Little Red Riding Hood.

However, Bella doesn’t have much in common with the little, innocent girl from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, who set out with a red cap and a basket full of treats to visit her sick grandmother.

Because the 23-Year-old wears a bright red latex body with a neckline, which seeks the proximity to the belly button and is covered with spines. At the end of the neckline, a cross studded with jewels becomes an eye-catcher, red holderless stockings adorn her legs. Over her long red hair, Bella wears a red cape with a hood. In addition, there are the matching silk gloves and the full load of Little Red Riding Hood photos on her Instagram page.

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With such a Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf, who first questioned the girl in the original fairy tale and then outwitted her to eat the grandmother, would certainly have had very big eyes. Maybe he would have snapped, but maybe he would have taken tears.

Grandmother does not agree

Thorne mentioned in the caption but only about the reaction of the grandmother. “Grandma doesn’t agree with my outfit,” the actress herself commented on her daring costume.

But the fans always found Bella’s disguise fairytale-like, sending her countless red hearts and hot flames. There have already been over a million likes for Bella’s Little Red Riding Hood of a different kind. Your Halloween costume should be clearly fixed.

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