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Angelina Jolie as firefighter in “They Want Me Dead”

Angelina Jolie is back: Beautiful, very tough and yet vulnerable. She plays Hannah, a woman who plays in the “Smoke-Jumpers”, an elite firefighting unit for forest fires, which otherwise makes such strong men look weak. But when she has to helplessly experience three children dying in the flames, nothing is as it once was. The once radiant heroine settles into the wilderness on a fire watchtower.

At the same time, the merciless action thriller tells the story of little Connor (Finn Little), whose father is shot in front of his eyes and who now wanders through the mountains with a secret document. Professional killers are looking for him, his chance of survival is low. When Hannah accidentally meets the twelve-year-old, she decides to bring him to safety. Not an easy thing: in addition to the villains, a fire is also approaching.

Thriller specialist Taylor Sheridan (“Sicario”, “Wind River”)) films Michael Koryata’s novel “Who Wish Me Death” in the style of a neo-Western as a solid cat and mouse game with Karacho and some brutal scenes, but also with evil wit when the hired murderers grumble about wages and working conditions.

Despite the lack of credibility, gross simplification and predictability, this fast-paced production is a great way to entertain oneself and enjoys impressive tracking shots over an extremely fascinating landscape. The happy ending can also be a bit emotional.

“They Want Me Dead”, 100 minutes, subscription to Sky and Sky Ticket, directed by Taylor Sheridan, with Angelina Jolie, Finn Little (from 3 June)

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