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White sneakers: This is what the shoe favorite looks like in 2021

White sneakers will determine the shoe trends in 2021. With such shoes, for example from Veja, we welcome the summer according to our status.

In this article, we share special products with you: new trends, absolute must-haves, indispensable helpers and much more. We integrate these as affiliate links, through which we are involved in the purchase of the individual products by means of a commission. This means that there are no additional costs for you – happy shopping!

Finally summer! If we don’t just slip into our flip-flops, we prefer to walk through world history in airy white sneakers at this time of year. These shoes are ideal for hot summer days and balmy nights and can also be perfectly combined.

White sneakers by Veja and Co. for the park

The first thing we fell in love with was a sneaker from the Veja brand during our virtual shopping tour. The lightweight shoe is made of high-quality calfskin and thus also ensures dry feet if you get into a rain shower. Before wearing the shoes for the first time, you just need to treat them with an impregnating spray. The Veja sneakers are available in sizes 37 to 42. So almost every woman will find the right shoe. The sneaker has a practical rubber sole, which guarantees a long durability. The insole can be removed.

Not only the shoe, but also the laces are white and fit perfectly to the summery look of your shoes. These sneakers, which are also available from brands such as Puma and Adidas, are perfect for a carefree walk in the city park and can also be combined in this way. Ideal would be an airy summer dress with one of the currently very trendy floral prints. Matching accessory would be a cheeky straw hat. A handbag made of bast completes your summery outfit additionally.

Of course, you can also stroll through the park in all whiteby reaching for white linen pants, which you complement with a white blouse. In this look you will attract everyone’s attention, especially if you choose cool Ray-Ban sunglasses as a practical and at the same time decorative accessory.

White trekking sneakers for the hiking tour

Lightweight sneakers are perfect for walking in the park. But even on an extended hiking tour we do not have to do without the white shoes. This season, trekking sneakers are all the rage. These shoes come with a particularly thick sole and thus ensure that you do not lose your grip off-road. Many well-known brands have trekking sneakers in white in their range this spring, including Asics, Acne Studios, Dolce & Gabbana, Puma or adidas.

Due to the thick sole, trekking sneakers look a little chunky and can be ideally combined with a casual hiking outfit, consisting of classic knee-high trousers and a checkered blouse. With this wardrobe you are well dressed on a hike, especially if a light backpack completes your ensemble.

With white trekking sneakers you can also dare the fashionable style break and combine them with elegant pleated trousers in black and a white blouse. This black and white outfit looks stunning. A matching accessory would be a red leather handbag that sets a charming color contrast.

White sneakers with metallic effect for the restaurant

White sneakers aren’t just cool or practical. They are also available in elegant. Trendy fashion labels such as Tommy Hilfiger, Puma and Calvin Klein have sneakers on the shelf that are made of the finest veal napna leather and, for example, provide the special fashionable effect with gold-plated metal elements.

With such sneakers, you don’t have to hide at an elegant evening party or in a restaurant, if you just combine them properly. Exciting are a skin-tight black trousers in leather look and a matching black top with a deep décolleté. This is matched by silver creoles and a striking silver necklace. Your black clothing ensures that you look much slimmer in no time. Your shoes and jewelry set the right color accents.

Skirts and dresses can also be wonderfully combined with elegant sneakers. A black and white checkered miniskirt and a tight, high-necked black top are the perfekte supplement. We follow a basic fashion rule of our mothers: The tighter the skirt, the less neckline your top should have. Even a long dress goes wonderfully with white sneakers. For the garden party, you choose a white dress and make sure that the noble decorations of your shoes immediately catch the eye. Or you can use black again and set an additional effect with a white stole.

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