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Therapy! Jennifer Aniston suffered from pregnancy issues


Jennifer Aniston (52) knows how exhausting life in the spotlight can be. Because not only her performances in front of the camera, but also her private life were often publicly commented. Whether at the side of Brad Pitt (57) or Justin Theroux (49) – there was a lot of discussion and speculation about the actress’s love life and her qualities as a woman. These rumors also reached her family, as Jen now reported. In the end, she even went to therapy because of public pressure.

In an interview with People the 52-year-old spoke openly about her experiences with the circulating speculation about her person. Even those around them did not let the rumors bounce off themselves. “Sometimes it happens that family members or people send you things and ask, ‘What is this? Are you having a baby? Will you get married?'”, the actress said. She herself had always wondered how long it would take until her environment would finally ignore these stupid headlines.

One way to cope with the public’s constant focus on their private lives and all the pressure was for Jennifer to seek professional help. “I learned a lot from the therapy,” the Friends star assured, explaining: “Self-confidence is key.” In addition, the actress meditates every day, enjoys the quiet moments and the time with her dogs.

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