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The Holzrock-Open-Air takes place in the one-day Corona version – Schopfheim

The punk festival in the Sengelenwldchen near Schopfheim takes place again as a one-day event after a one-year break. The organizers have developed a hygiene concept.

After the Holzrock-Open-Air 2020 had to be cancelled for the first time in more than 30 years due to the corona pandemic, the punk festival in the Sengelenwldchen above Schopfheim will take place again this summer – on July 31, as a one-day festival. The organizers of the association Subkultur Schopfheim have developed a specially tailored hygiene concept and, according to their own statement, attach great importance to measures to avoid infections. The concept is presented on the homepage, a component in the context of contact tracing is the online ticket pre-sale. In addition, unlike the second-year “Holzrock”, there will be no tent meadow for bernachten.

Who performs?

Nevertheless, the organizers have given themselves Mhe to the one-day festival with program – this year from a musical point of view, especially with regional knstlers, with organ rock ‘n’ roll over Black Forest surf and blues to indie punk and punk rock. “Ray.Jel and The Blackbeards” (alternative punk rockabilly from Lrrach), “Amateur Action” (melodic punk from Schopfheim), “Leopold Kraus Wellenkapelle” (Black Forest Surf from the Black Forest) and “Krause Glucke Weltverschwrung” (punk rock from Constance) have the honor. The project “Circus Zansiba” from the Wiesental is also taking part this year with two theatre stalls: “Sturm aus heiterem Himmel” is mainly intended for children and “Cumulus Curiosus” will be “an acrobatic spectacle of real-life curiosities” to be seen, according to the announcement.

A historical poster exhibition shows women who have campaigned against the ban on abortions. In addition, the topic will be informed and discussed in a lecture. The author Valentin Moritz, who comes from Niederdossenbach, reads from his book “Kein Held”, in which he reviews the youth in the countryside. The wooden skirt is partially barrier-free. The organizers make an effort to offer support to people for whom attending a festival is challenging. Information about the festival and accessibility can be found on the website. During the festival, as usual, there will be an awareness team that is committed to a mindful and discrimination-critical approach to each other.

Donation campaign in summer 2020

The summer of 2020 was used by the team of organizers to launch a fundraising campaign. Hiefr designed various Knstler a poster and a T-shirt motif. The Erls was used to support socio-political projects that were even more dependent on donations during the pandemic – for example, the Caf Irrlicht in Schopfheim, which has had hardly any income for over a year. For a long time, it was not clear to the organizers whether and how the Holzrock 2021 could take place. “In recent months, there has been a growing longing to organize the wooden skirt in an adequate form as a contribution to cultural revival,” the announcement said. In online discussions, the decision was made to try a smaller version than last. Since it is one of the guidelines of holzrock to fring subculture and to support the regional cultural scene, a completely regional line-up was requested for 2021 – the Holzrock could not afford any unusual flights for international knstlers.

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