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“Teen Wolf” Tyler Posey comes out as a sexually fluid

Tyler Posey
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The US actor and singer Tyler Posey has come out as sexually fluid. Posey, best known for the TV series “Teen Wolf,” had talked about his experiences with men in the past, but is currently with singer-songwriter Phem.

His girlfriend helped him realize that he is queer

She also sees herself as queer and has helped the 29-year-old realize “that I fit under the queer umbrella and that I am sexually fluid,” as Posey says in an interview with NME magazine. People who describe themselves as sexually fluid are attracted to all genders – but in contrast to the classic definition of bisexuality, they are at times stronger to one gender.

In 2016, he was Tyler Posey with fellow actress Bella Thorne, then he “had something with men,” as he said. At the moment he is back with a woman, the 26-year-old musician Phem, which earned him the accusation of “gay baiting” – just pretending to like men in order to win gay fans.

This also included the actor’s engagement on the platform OnlyFans, which is mainly used by stars – Posey also showed himself naked there, which fans could also see for 5 dollars a month. For this, he had received a lot of hate comments, which had hurt him a lot, as he tells in the interview.

He numbed the pain with alcohol and drugs

Among other things, he had been asked to take his life. That’s why he took drugs and alcohol “to forget the pain.” In the meantime, however, he is dry again and has worked on his mental health. And now his girlfriend is playing the main role in his life.  The 26-year-old has no problem with her boyfriend being sexually fluid. “I’ve been dating almost everything under the sun now, and right now I’m in the best relationship I’ve ever had,” he says frankly.

Tyler Posey became known as the lead actor in the MTV series “Teen Wolf”, which was produced from 2011 to 2017. In it, he plays a young werewolf who protects his environment from evil forces and supernatural creatures in California. For his role he received a Teen Choice Award and a Young Hollywood Award, among others.

One of the other leading actors of “Teen Wolf” was Colton Haynes, who came out as gay in 2016.

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