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Not Camila Cabello? Shawn Mendes snuggles on Instagram

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03/11/2021, 03:31 PM

Shawn Mendes actually only kisses his sweetheart Camila Cabello, but now the “Wonder” interpreter has kissed strangely. Fans of the musician freaked out, after all, the Knutsch pic made the rounds via Instagram. What exactly is behind it and why we do not have to worry about the relationship of the two stars, we tell you here.

A puppy to cuddle: Sweet snapshot of Shawn Mendes

As seen in the 22-year-old’s latest post on Instagram, Shawn Mendes like this puppy to cuddle! The four-legged friend, who gets a smack, apparently does not really know what to think of it and looks a bit puzzled into the camera. But he also gets a nice compliment, because to the sweet pic the musician wrote: “The cutest boy.” too Camila Cabello was linked below the photo. The fur snuff is the golden retriever puppy Tarzan, which Shawn bought a few months ago together with his sweetheart, the former “Fifth Harmony” member.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes welcomed Tarzan in November 2020

First photos and videos with Tarzan and his proud dog adoptive parents appeared on the social media platforms of Shawn and Camila when he was accepted into the family. The puppy, who by the way is not the only dog of the musical couple, has grown a good deal since then and was also totally taken to heart by the fans of his famous owners, as confirmed again in the comments on Shawn’s new snapshot. For example, one follower wrote: “That’s so cute!”while another said: “The prize for the best dad goes to…!” Dog dad, you probably have to add in this context. Whether Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello would you like to have your own children at some point, in addition to your beloved fur noses? They haven’t announced that yet.

★ For her 24th birthday, Camila Cabello put on a real dance of joy, which her loved one must have liked very much! You can find out more about this in the clip here! ⇓

Happy Birthday Camila Cabello! The “Shameless” performer celebrated her 24th birthday on March 3rd and was obviously very happy about her special day! So Camila posted a video of herself on Instagram, in which she first talked about people who don’t want to make a big deal out of their birthday – but the singer herself is obviously not one of them! Original sound: “Level 24! It’s my birthday! Yes that’s true! It’s my birthday! Yes, that’s right” Camila Cabello is completely upset that she has reached the so-called “Level 24” and her fans and friends were also very happy for the beauty. Camila, among others, wished former “Vampire Diaries” star Nina Dobrev and talk show host Jimmy Fallon a happy birthday. But probably the sweetest congratulations came from Camila’s sweetheart Shawn Mendes! The 22-year-old wrote: “Happy Birthday to the nicest, bravest and most beautiful person I’ve ever met. I love you more every day, my life.” What a great message of love from Shawn Mendes. In his Instagram story, the “Mercy” singer also gave a brief insight into the birthday of his girlfriend Camila Cabello: So you saw the couple together on a kind of golf cart. What exactly the two have planned for Camila’s 24th birthday, however, will probably remain their secret for the time being.

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