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“In every area”: Billie Eilish is sacred to privacy

Billie Eilish (19) doesn’t want to share everything with her community. Since the singer had her big breakthrough in 2015 and became known worldwide at the age of 13, many people have been interested in the life of the songwriter. Whether it’s their relationship status or their family, fans really want to know everything. Now the megastar talked about why it is very important to her to keep her life as private as possible.

On “New Music Daily” on Apple Music 1 spoke with the 19-year-old Zane Lowe (47) about their new song “NDA” (“non-disclosure agreement”). The singer also opened up and talked about her private life. She explained that she would like the public to finally understand the importance of having a private life. “People say, ‘Well, it’s not private because we figured it out.’ Yes, of course, because you have invaded my privacy. I am a private person”, affirmed Billie and explained that she would feel this way in really every area of her life.

She also said that she herself would eventually respect the privacy of other people. “I respect the privacy of the public, the privacy of my fans. I want them to have their own lives and do their own thing.”, showed the “bad guy” interpreter. So it would be much nicer to meet at some point and get to know each other better.

Billie Eilish, musician
Billie Eilish, musician
Billie Eilish, singer

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