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Billie Eilish: Shocked by Britney’s Guardianship

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Like many others, Billie Eilish (19, ‘Bad Guy’) is horrified by the details surrounding Britney Spears’ (39, ‘Toxic’) guardianship. Among other things, the singer has to use contraception against her will and has no say in her performances.

Young women are abused

Since 2008, Britney’s father Jamie has been primarily responsible for his daughter’s fortunes. But the star herself describes her treatment by her team of caregivers as “abusive” and wants Jamie to be dismissed. Billie can’t believe it. Of all people, the people who were supposed to stand by Britney’s side keep the star like in a golden cage. Billie Eilish appreciates that she can trust her advisors, as she revealed in an interview with Vogue Australia. “It’s just terrible what young women have to go through to this day. Luckily, I didn’t have a team that wanted to finish me off. That’s a rarity these days, which in turn is totally frightening.”

Billie Eilish considers herself lucky

Billie is grateful that she can trust the people around her. “I have good people around me who didn’t just take advantage of me.” She also describes herself as a lucky person, because many celebrities supported the young singer with words and deeds when she started her career. She would have received valuable tips from Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Mel C from the Spice Girls — and still has to pinch herself today when she meets famous colleagues. “When this happens, your body is in a state of shock,” the musician explained, wishing at the same time that she could record everything a little more calmly. “People say, ‘Live the moment,’ but when I try to do that, all the time I just think, ‘Am I living the moment now or not,'” laughed Billie Eilish.

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