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Billie Eilish Goes Public With a Clear Announcement: “Damn Idiots”

Fight against pandemic: Billie Eilish with clear words

Billie Eilish has not only caused a stir musically in the recent past, but also with many unusually revealing recordings for the singer. This sometimes brought her fan criticism, because some followers want “the old” Billie back, who does not want to flaunt her body in this way. However, the musician stands by her transformation and her clear attitude.

And the fact that the 19-year-old shows attitude, she made clear again on Instagram. There she made a clear statement in the direction of all vaccine opponents or vaccine hesitant.

Billie Eilish calls for vaccination

To a selfie that shows Billie Eilish looking a little exhausted, she wrote in her story: “Get vaccinated you stupid fucking idiots!” – “Get vaccinated, you fucking stupid idiots!”

So Billie Eilish asks her followers to get vaccinated. Image: screenshot

It is hard to deny that Billie is allating to the important corona vaccine. However, it is unclear whether she wants to signal with the picture that she has now had herself vaccinated. Given her somewhat tired facial expressions and clear words, it would not be surprising if she herself has set a good example.

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