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This moustache photoshops into the Jenner clan

The Jenner family around Kylie, Kendall and Co. regularly causes a stir. But have you ever heard of Kirby Jenner? He describes himself as the “twin brother of Kendall Jenner” and arguably has one of the funniest Instagram accounts in the world.

At the latest since the reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, the entire or at least the interested world knows the clan of the Kardashian-Jener family.

And also the rise of Kendall Jene was extremely promoted by the series. She has been one of the most successful models and highest-paid influencers in the world for years. In retrospect, your decision to use Instagram as a channel proves to be the right decision.

Who is Kendall’s twin brother Kirby Jenner?

And right there – on Instagram – there is an account that has been attracting a lot of attention since the summer of 2015. We’re talking about Kirby Jenner, who describes himself as Kendall’s “twin brother.”

Kirby Jenner’s Instagram feed now contains more than 170 posts showing the distinctive moustache wearer together with model Kendall Jenner. The curious thing about it: Kendall doesn’t have a twin brother named Kirby.

In fact, behind the account is an amateur model that I photoshopped very skillfully and extremely humorously into the pictures of Kendall. The reward: 1.4 million followers. Of course, Kirby himself only follows one account: “twin sister” Kendall.

From Instagram account to TV series

Of course, the Jenner family around mother Kris Jenner has also noticed the account. And: The Klan has once again proven its skill in self-marketing. For example, the Jenners have released the series “Kirby Jenner” together with quasi-family member Kirby on the streaming service Quibi.

The problem with this is that Quibi itself was discontinued after only six months in autumn 2020, despite prominent investors and a new video concept.

Nevertheless, Kirby enjoys great popularity due to his funny Photoshop works. In the years 2016 to 2018, he was even nominated several times for the Webby and Shorty Awards for his social media parodies.

So if you’re looking for some variety, check him out on Instagram.

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