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“The Morning Show” with Jennifer Aniston: What the trailer for the second season tells us

With “The Morning Show” landed the streamingservice Apple TV+ 2019 a huge hit. The top-class cast drama – among other things Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon – denounces the culture of sexual harassment that prevails behind the scenes of many TV productions – and ends with a brilliant cliffhanger. Now the first trailer has become the much-awaited second season published.

“The Morning Show”: That’s what the Apple TV series is about

The series is from Brian Stelters Book of Revelations “Top of the Morning“, which looks behind the scenes of breakfast television productions and reveals the unfair means by which journalists try to get good ratings. Above all, however, the series sexual harassment and inappropriate relationships in the workplace, as well as the grim consequences they can have. The fascinating thing about it: “The Morning Show” was put into production before the revelations about Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, the majority of the scripts had already been written when the MeToo Movement Grievances at major US TV stations such as Fox News or Nbc brought to light. (Read more Weinstein wrote: “Jennifer Aniston should be killed”)

In “The Morning Show” will be the charismatic breakfast television presenter Mitch Kessler (Steve Carrell) accused of sexual harassment of colleagues and dismissed. His co-host Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) is intended to save the image of the station and to protect it together with the tough local journalist Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) out of the crisis. But Bradley, of all people, is beginning to investigate whether the allegations against Mitch really came out of the blue and whether this might not be an isolated case.

Why watch “The Morning Show”?

That the two colleagues in moral issues not always agreeing, but still gradually developing respect for each other, is one of the great incentives of the drama. Every exchange of blows between Aniston and Witherspoon is Quality television, because both embody their roles with great devotion and empathy for the figure.

In addition, “The Morning Show” important questions about responsibility and accountability: What role do the individual characters play in the Culture of silence and why do they decide not to denounce the grievances? For this important contribution to the social debate on sexual harassment and equality in the workplace, the Apple TV Series showered with prestigious awards and nominations; Among other things, she was nominated for three Golden Globes, while Billy Crudup was awarded the Critic’s Choice Award for Best Supporting Actor. (Also worth reading: “Friends” reunion: This romantic revelation surprises fans worldwide)

This is how it continues in season 2

As it is after the grandiose finale of the first season with Alex, Bradley and their colleagues, the first trailer suggests: Alex has quit her job and swears that she never wants to return to UBA. In her place is a new, young face, who will henceforth support Bradley as co-moderator. Meanwhile, questions are being raised concerning the culture of silence at UBA; in particular, a new reporter, wants to bring more details to light. And then there is Mitch, who after the dramatic events surrounding his former booker Hannah (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) must deal with his own inconsistent and his againstcomprehension of consensual sexual intercourse.

These stars are there

Rarely has a streaming series been as top-class cast as “The Morning Show”: In addition to Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon count Steve Carrell, Billy Crudup, Marcia Gay Harden and Mark Duplass to the cast of the first season. The team is strengthened by “The Morning Show” in the new episodes, among others by stand-up comedian Hasan Minhaj, who seems to play Bradley’s new co-host. In addition, Julianna Margulies, known from “The Good Wife” and “Emergency Room” to the cast; Apparently, she will play a reporter who wants to bring to light details about the dark and criminal events at the fictional TV channel UBA. (Also read: ‘Loki’ on Disney+: Tom Hiddleston talks about the transformation of the Marvel villain)

When will the second season of “The Morning Show” be released?

the second season from “The Morning Show” starts on September 17 at Apple TV+; the episodes are published weekly.

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