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Self-love: Why Camila Cabello is so happy with Shawn

What’s behind their happy relationship? Camila Cabello (24) has been with Shawn Mendes (22) since July 2019. Meanwhile, the musicians have also moved in together – and even have a common dog! But what is the secret of their love? Camila now revealed that in a healthy relationship, one thing is particularly important: You have to be at peace with yourself!

As part of a new campaign for the meditation app Calm the singer now spoke about her love happiness. She had already learned from her mother in childhood that you always have to take care of your own well-being.“Even in a really healthy relationship, you can’t rely on your partner to make you happy. Happiness is always an inner matter”, she explained. According to Camila, other people can support you, but in the end you are always responsible for yourself.

That it is really serious between the turtle doves, the two let it be seen again and again: Last December, Shawn had talked out that his sweetheart is now even a permanent family member for his parents: “My father never really means things like that seriously, but he always annoys me and asks, ‘How is my daughter-in-law doing?'”

Camila Cabello in May 2021

Instagram / camila_cabello

Camila Cabello in May 2021
Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes in April 2021
Camila Cabello, singer

Instagram / camila_cabello

Camila Cabello, singer

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