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Normani and Cardi B come together for “Wild Side” (music video)

On Friday (July 16), Normani’s new single “Wild Side” with rap icon Cardi B was released. After Normani had already been seen in Cardi B’s music video for “WAP”, the two artists now worked together again.

A celebration of female sexuality

The Atlanta R&B singer has received several platinum awards for her singles and is known for her performances both live and in music videos. It is not surprising that Sean Bankhead, who has already worked with greats such as Beyoncé and Britney Spears, also took over the choreography for “Wild Side”. In keeping with the lyrical depiction of female desire, Normani shows her talent in dance.

Ain’t no “If, ands, buts and maybes”

Don’t be laid up in that shit likе you lazy

I need you to roll up in that shit like you skatin’

Baby, ain’t no hold up, I’m that shit, I hate waitin'”

Cardi B rounds off the song with her rap part both melodically and thematically. In it, the US rapper is lyrically reminiscent of her single “WAP” and defines the active role of women in sexuality, which is usually absent in rap. The music video, directed by Tanu Muino, shows the 25-year-old singer in various soft-coloured sequences. The choreo is reminiscent of their single “Motivation” in which the same choreographer participated. Not surprisingly, the video of the two stars already has over ten million views on YouTube in two days.

In August 2019, Normani released her single “Motivation”, an ode to the 90s, and reached not only number 40 in the US charts, but also platinum status.

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