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Kendall Jenner looks like Barbie


18. February 2021 – 14:28 clock

Sexy photo shoot for Kim Kardashian’s new underwear collection

Kendall Jenner (25) – is young, beautiful and one of the highest-paid models on the market. Your perfect body is your capital! But with a recent photo shoot for the shape and underwear brand SKIMS of her sister Kim Kardashian, she also attracts all sorts of criticism. We show here in the video what is behind it.

Analysis of Kendall’s photos

On social media, some women are currently accying Kendall Jenner of looking TOO perfect. Her body shape looks retouched and doll-like in some photos, like Barbie’s. Unrealistic body shapes and shots of the 25-year-old model would create a false beauty standard and thus only aggravate the insecurity of young girls, it is said.

The Instagram account “Problematic Fame” goes into detail. A post here explains that Kendall is “beautiful,” but it is believed that they have edited the photos. The owner of the profile also explains a number of technical irregularities in Kendall’s photos. For example, her arms and legs are abnormally curved, which is a reference to Photoshop. Her hint is: “Please do not compare yourself to heavily edited images. Even Kendall doesn’t look like it.”

Clear words about the perfect Kendall photo

Several Twitter users also commented on Kendall’s photos. One lady also pointed out not to compare herself to models like the 25-year-old: “She has money, surgery, lighting, photographers, editors, nutritionists, personal trainers, makeup artists, etc.,” she writes about Kendall’s microcosm, which allows her to look so perfect in photos. Her conclusion about the model is: “You have an iPhone camera. She looks unreal – but that’s her job.”

Kendall also speaks up

After the criticism, Kendall also speaks up. Commenting on a tweet, she said: “I am a very happy girl and grateful for everything I have. But I want you to know that I, too, have bad days and that I hear you,” she explains diplomatically. “You are beautiful as you are. It’s not always as perfect as it may seem.”

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