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Bella Thorne: Fans are horrified! THIS song disaster doesn’t even save her foam bra

Bella Thorne has to take a lot of criticism right now. The singer actually only wanted to promote her new song “Lonely”. But their critics tear the music video apart. She gives it her all and even shows how seductive she looks in a foam bra.

Bella Thorne is criticized for her nine songs.
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But is anyone happy? With an extremely hot dance makes Bella Thorne her currently 24.1 million followers her new song tasty. Not only he has it all, as the matching video proves.

Bella Thorne promotes new song “Lonely” with seductive dance

Bella Thorne has released a new song. With the song “Lonely” she now wants to conquer the charts. In order for as many people as possible to become aware of the pop song, she reaches into the bag of tricks in an Instagram video and pulls off a small dance show. Above all, she sets the scene for her bust, which wobbles freely under a cut-off tank top. It’s just a pity that the video has no sound, the actress thinks. Her fans don’t seem to mind. They find the promotion hot, as the numerous flame emojis show.

Bella Thorne alone: Singer heats up fans in foam bra

If you already liked the little Insta clip, you should not be amazed by the music video. There she pulls out all the stops and launches a seductive offensive. At first, she just sings covered with bath foam sitting in a tub, how “lonely and horny” she feels when she looks at her smartphone. Poor Bella! She already has a solution for fighting loneliness. She freely asks if she can scrub someone’s back. Your current friend Benjamin Mascolo should probably feel addressed by this line of text.

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End of career? Fans tear Bella Thorne’s new song “Lonely” apart

Who has not already added the song to his playlist at the wet and cheerful sight will do it at the latest after their sinful lingerie show, right? But some YouTube users probably won’t. They tear the song apart and choose it as the worst song they’ve ever heard. “Wow, this may be the worst song I’ve ever heard. Lyrics are dull and repetitive, music is beyond basic, and there is zero emotion or soul to it. Can I un-hear a song????”

One user even attests to the “Only Fans” star’s imminent end to his career: “She really wrote this and then recorded it wtf her career is dead” Bella Thorne probably did not expect this harsh criticism.

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