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Ariana Grande: This is her ex-and-hopp list

Singer Ariana Grande (25) is not only known for her hits but also for her wear and tear on men. Who the “7 Rings” interpreter has already left everything behind, has taken a closer look.

Graham Phillips (2008 – 2011)

Ariana’s love journey began with Graham Phillips, now 25 years old. The actor and she met when they both played in “13:The Musical”. There they became good friends and later dated each other. The happiness of love lasted for three years until they separated in December 2011.

Jai Brooks (2012 – 2014)

In the summer of 2012, Australian YouTube comedian Jai (23) and Ariana met via Twitter. They started a kind of long-distance relationship until they first met in New York on December 30, 2012. In August 2013, the two separated because Ariana is said to have had an affair, as Jai later claimed. In early 2014, Jai and Ari met again, but officially ended their relationship in July of that year.

Nathan Sykes (2013)

The English pop singer Nathan Sykes (25), is said to have been Ariana’s affair during her relationship with Jai Brooks. The two met for the first time on the Red Carpet, looking for each other’s eyes all evening long – romantic, right? After that, nothing happened until they met again for the shooting of the music video for their joint song “Almost is Never Enough”. The next time the two met again was in August 2013, on a Justin Bieber (24) tour. After a full five months, Ariana and the former member of the boy band “The Wanted” separated due to the too great distance.

Big Sean (2014 – 2015)

With the men her age or younger, it didn’t really work out, perhaps one reason why Ariana chose the rapper Big Sean (30) as the next man at her side. In 2014, the two began to date themselves, in 2015 they had their first joint appearance as a couple at the “Grammys”. The two endured a whole eight months together, even recording the songs “Right There” and “Best Mistake” together. It allegedly didn’t work out because of their busy schedules, but they wanted to stay friends afterwards.

Ricky Álvarez (2015 – 2016)

Now Ariana seemed to have had enough of musicians and actors, so she ceded footballer Ricky Álvarez (30). The two became a couple when Ricky was one of Ariana’s background dancers in the summer of 2015. The relationship between the two became particularly well-known because of the “donut gate”. Ariana is said to have fished the delicacies with her ex-husband in a donut shop, did not buy them and then also said: “I hate America!” Grande-Miseré! In the summer of 2016, the two separated because it somehow just didn’t want to work – but wanted to remain friends.

Mac Miller (2016 – 2018)

Rapper Mac Miller (†26), who died in September 2018, is also on Ariana’s list of having died. In 2013, the two musicians met on set for their joint single “The Way”. At that time, both were in a relationship, which is why they only got to know each other on a friendly level. In 2016, Ari and Mac Miller met again and the fire was lit. In September of that year, Ariana confirmed the relationship with a snap she posted on Instagram. After two years as a couple, the two decided to go their separate ways. Nevertheless, she said in several interviews, Malcolm McCormich, as he was actually called, remains one of her dearest people and best friend. However, according to a friend of the two, the reason for the separation was above all a lack of time as a couple. His persistent drug addiction is also said to have been a decisive reason. Mac Miller’s death after an overdose hit the singer hard and she mourned him for a long time and also publicly. Today, Mac Miller’s dog “Myron” lives with Ariana, whom she is supposed to take care of lovingly.

Pete Davidson (2018)

The last in the bunch so far is actor and comedian Pete Davidson (25) from whom Ariana only separated in August 2018. Shortly after their separation from Mac Miller, Ari and Pete met in May 2018. Shortly thereafter, they bought a shared apartment in New York, and even got engaged as a couple after only four months. According to insiders from the circle of the ex-couple, one reason for the sudden separation Mac Miller’s drug death was said to have been. Ariana is said to have realized only through his death that she was not yet ready for the relationship with Pete and a wedding. But also the hasty action of the couple is said to have been responsible – somehow everything seemed schon to have gone very fast. According to media reports, a second chance is not excluded, because the two are still said to love each other very much.

Currently, however, Ariana Grande seems to have had enough of men and is living a single – at least officially. After she threw herself from one relationship to the next, this seems almost implausible.

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