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Terror at Ariana Grande concert: Mistake facilitated attack in 2017

22 people died in 2017 at a concert by pop star Ariana Grande. A commission has investigated how the terrorist attack could have happened. Now she presents her report.

Serious security deficiencies have facilitated the deadly terrorist attack on Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester in 2017, according to an investigative report. Several opportunities to save lives have been missed, the head of the commission of inquiry, John Saunders, said on Thursday. Thus, members of the security service had not reacted properly. In addition, the foyer of the Manchester Arena had not been captured by cameras nationwide, and no police officers had been stationed there.

In the attack on May 22, 2017, a police-known man had detonated an explosive device after a concert of the singer, thereby dragging 22 concertgoers to their deaths, including several teenagers and children. Hundreds of people suffered injuries or were traumatized.

Saunders stressed that terrorist Salman Abedi and his brother, who was sentenced to life imprisonment, were responsible for the attack. But the assassin should have been identified as a danger in time, Saunders said. “If that had happened, Abedi would probably have detonated his explosive device anyway, but the loss of life and the number of injured would most likely have been less.”

Saunders gave several examples. For example, a security guard had wiped off an eyewitness who spoke to him about the suspicious behavior of the later assassin. Two police officers also took a two-hour meal break and drove to a fast-food restaurant several kilometers away.


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