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Selena Gomez regrets this kiss the most

You want the first kiss to be something great – it’s not for nothing that we also give tips on how to do it best! But unfortunately, sometimes all meticulous preparation and reverie is useless – the reality often looks less romantic. Rather weird and convulsive. Selena Gomez dreamed of her first kiss and, like so many girls before and after her, had chosen a very well-known partner for it: Cole Sprouse! Now it is the case that it actually came to a kiss with someone who at least looks very similar to Cole and it did not stop at the reverie. But it would be better, as Gomez remembers. 😂

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How it came to the kiss between the two

Like many others, Gomez watched the series “Hotel Zack & Cody” and had a crush on Cole Sprouse. In their old home, “Selena Gomez and Cole Sprouse 4-ever” can still be seen today! 😄 fair, however, there is also “Selena + Julian”, so Gomez was probably not completely loyal to her crush. 😉 At least Gomez was loyal to the series, as she herself said in an interview: “I was crazy about the show and I was convinced that we [Cole und ich] will one day be together.” Gomez succeeded in what others could only dream of: she got a guest role in the show! At the time, she wasn’t a member of the Wizards of Waverly Place, so the role would have many other great things in store for her in the future. However, her little heart shattered into a thousand pieces when she was told that she would kiss not Cole, but twin brother Dylan Sprouse in the episode. Close to it! As well as the kiss itself, as it would turn out shortly afterwards.

Why Gomez regrets the kiss so much

In an interview, the actress revealed why she is so reluctant to remember her first kiss: “I leaned forward to kiss him and I closed my eyes a bit too early and I missed about half his lip because of that. This led to the most unpleasant kiss in the world. But I was 12, so it was okay.Funnily enough, Dylan also remembers the kiss (to some extent). At that time, the actor was not particularly successful with women, as he remembers. There has been a quantity sad, depressing first kiss stories” given, according to the actor. “I think my first kiss was on set. And I think it could have been with Selena Gomez. interesting.“We would have other words for it, just as Gomez has other words for it, but let’s leave it at that statement, for now. 😅

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