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Kylie Jenner wears THE fashion trend of the summer with this (second-hand) top

Kylie Jenner: She’s already wearing the colorful bralette trend of the summer

Kylie Jenner’s designer collection is becoming more impressive by the day. With the help of her stylist Jill Jacobs, Kylie Jenner has clearly developed a passion for finding old catwalk looks and then giving them new life – just think of what she did with “throwback” Dior, Chanel and Gucci. Your latest vintage piece? A criss cross-top from Versace’s spring 2005 collection. Yes, the 2000s are back!

The catwalk show, where the top debuted 16 years ago, was all about fun, colorful couture for the pool (including daring jersey dresses and swimsuits). Exactly the top that Jenner wore at the time was available at 1st Dibs for over 5000 dollars. It features a colorful cross and baroque print and a belt detail with the label’s signature Medusa head logo on the buckle.

With these trendy accessories Kylie Jenner style her Versace top

Considering the exciting print of the top, Jenner styled it pretty easily with white, high-waisted jeans. She still enjoyed the accessories, including a rainbow-colored selection of rings by Mon Cher Moi, a “Pop Tab” earring by BonbonWhims and a “Pochette” with Dalmatian and monogram print by Louis Vuitton, which is also vintage (the bag was a collaboration with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami). All in all, it’s the perfect sweeping look to get you in the mood for spring – and the ultimate vintage hit to complement your already impressive wardrobe.

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