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Jennifer Aniston: Bad influence? Singer Cheryl confesses: “I fell for it”


Singer Cheryl (37) has already tried a lot in her life to keep her dream figure. The fact that among these attempts was also a strict diet of Jennifer Aniston (52), the 37-year-old considers in retrospect, however, as a mistake, as she has now revealed in an interview with “”.

The Jennifer Aniston Diet Proved to Be a Fallacy for Cheryl

When asked what was the worst health or fitness trend she’s ever tried, Cheryl immediately has the answer. “The Atkins diet, years ago, when I was a teenager,” she says, adding, “I fell for it. It was Jennifer Aniston who told us all to do it.”

It was a dangerous diet consisting of pure fat and protein. With the Atkins diet, bacon and eggs were on the menu, Cheryl reports and wonders about herself in retrospect. “You wonder how it might work, and then you hear people say that such food can cause a heart attack and that makes you distance yourself,” she says with a laugh.

Cheryl advises: form your own opinion

Today, Cheryl is much more confident than she was when she was a teenager. She advises everyone to form their own opinion about what is good for the body. “I look at Jennifer Aniston (Diet and training program) and say, ‘Thank you, but no thanks.’ Thank you for the advice, but that’s not for me,” she clarifies.

Despite the mistake, she took as a teenager about Jennifer Aniston, Cheryl continues to be a big fan of the actress. “I still love her,” she says of the 52-year-old, who was recently featured in the TV special “Friends: The Reunion.”


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