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Bella Thorne defends Armie Hammer – and reaps backlash

None other than Bella Thorne stands up for Armie Hammer after he had to struggle with cannibalism accusations.

It is one of the most bizarre stories of this still young year: Armie Hammer, known from “Call Me By Your Name”, is confronted with a shitstorm after numerous screenshots are said to have revealed the disturbing sex fantasies of the actor.

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According to the alleged private messages of the actor, he is said to have a soft spot for cannibalism and abuse fantasies. Although the chats seem more than strange, since then more and more women have gone public to assert the authenticity of the messages.

An ex-girlfriend of Armie Hammer had recently reported that he had often talked about breaking her ribs and wanting to grill. “I am 100% a cannibal,” he is said to have written, among other things.

Now Armie Hammer receives support from an unexpected side: Bella Thorne, former Disney star and now award-winning director, is convinced that the screenshots are fake, and jumps into the breach for the actor.

In her Instagram story, she wrote: “I really can’t believe this… People are so crazy that they fake this shit. This poor guy and his children. Leave him and his family alone. He’s by no means a fucking cannibal.”

On Twitter, she is sharply criticized for her words. One user commented: “Bella, Armie probably didn’t think about the well-being of his children when he wrote to these girls that he wanted to cut off parts of their bodies and rape them, so shut up.”

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