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39 new shockers on Netflix and Amazon in the summer

You’ve already let yourself be scared by all the horror movies from spring? Then look forward to this summer, because not only the hot weather will make you sweat, but also many new horror shockers on Netflix, Amazon, Sky and Co.

The best new horror movies and series you can get scared with this summer can be found in our Overview of all horror starts in stream, TV, cinema and home cinema.

The best horror movies on DVD, Blu-ray and as a stream in summer 2021

At home it is best to scare. In the home cinema, numerous genre and horror novelties await you in the summer DVD, Blu-ray and as a purchase/rental stream:

Watch the trailer for the wacky doll horror Benny Loves You

Benny Loves You – Trailer (English) HD


These horror movies await you in the stream on Netflix

Horror event on Netflix: Click here for the trailer for the Fear Street trilogy

Fear Street – Trilogy Trailer (German) HD


Also in the stream: The best horror series in the summer on Netflix, Sky and Co.

On Netflix, Amazon and on TV, you can discover new horror and genre fare in the summer, for which you do not have to leave your cool apartment.

American Horror Story fans can look forward to double the load of anthology horror. Because in addition to the 10th season aka AHS: Double Feature, which consists of two mini-seasons, the spin-off American Horror Stories also awaits you.

All 7 seasons Stories from the crypt in one box

To Amazon

On Amazon Prime Video you can finally stream the harrowing horror highlight Them with German soundtrack from July. In it, we follow a black family that moves to a white neighborhood in 1953, where supernatural powers and racism threaten their happiness.

Here are our series tips for your creepy summer binge:

  • Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness – Computer-animated zombie action on Netflix starting July 8

  • American Horror Stories – Launch of the AHS spin-off in the USA on July 15 at FX on Hulu

  • Them – Release of the horror series with German soundtrack on July 23 Amazon Prime Video

  • Slasher – Season 4 of horror anthology in the USA from August 12 on Shudder

  • The Walking Dead – Start of the 11th and final season on August 22 in the USA on AMC. Start not yet known)

  • American Horror Story – Season 10 titled Double Feature in the US on August 25 on FX

  • Chapelwaite – Adaptation of Stephen King’s Jerusalem’s Lot from August in the USA at Epix

  • What We Do in the Shadows – Season 3 of the Vampire Comedy in the USA from September 2 on FX

Gripping zombie action in the Netflix trailer for Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness – S01 Trailer 3 (German) HD


Horror in the cinema: These launches await us in summer 2021

The cinemas are gradually opening their doors again and invite you with air-conditioned cinema halls for a cool change from the summer heat. Horror fans can expect a veritable flood of film highlights, which finally start after several postponements.

Watch the trailer of M. Night Shyamalan’s new horror

Old – Trailer (German) HD


  • The Forever Purge – Part 5 and conclusion of the Purge series – Theatrical release: August 12

  • Escape Room 2: No Way Out – Continuation of the Puzzle Horror – Theatrical Release: August 19

  • Candyman – Return of the Horror Legend – Theatrical Release: August 26

  • Malignant – Giallo horror by James Wan – Theatrical release: September 2

  • Don’t Breathe 2 – Sequel to Fede Alvarez’s Horror Thriller – Theatrical Release: September 9

  • Saw: Spiral – Torture Spin-off starring Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson – Theatrical release: September 16

The previously known theatrical releases can be postponed at any time. In case of changes, we will adjust them here.

Podcast for scary fans: The best horror series on Netflix

In this podcast episode of Streamgestöber we are scared with the 13 Best Horror Series from Netflix. Meanwhile, there are masses of off-the-shelf horror at Netflix. But in which horror series should you actually invest many hours of lifetime?

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Which horror movies and series do you already have on your watch list?

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