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Too much skin? Kim Kardashian chooses questionable outfit for Vatican visit


05. July 2021 – 15:10 clock

Bold look

It is well known that reality TV star Kim Kardashian (40) likes to present herself freely and stage her curves. Their trip to Italy is no different. There, among other things, she visits the Vatican – and shows herself in an off-the-shoulder dress. In Vatican Catholic State, however, strict dress codes apply, at least when entering certain religious buildings. Is Kim going too far with her off-the-shoulder dress?

Bare shoulder in the Vatican: Is that too much?

On Instagram, the 40-year-old poses in a white, off-the-shoulder and very transparent dress in front of a sculpture in the Vatican Museums. She writes enthusiastically that she and her companions had “the most incredible experiences” when they visited the Vatican with its historic buildings and art treasures. She also shows other photos of the photo series extremely revealingly. And that in the Vatican?!

Kim Kardashian’s Vatican Outfit

All clear: Kim has adhered to the dress code

Further in the text, however, Kim gives the all-clear: she adhered to the dress code and visited the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica completely covered. She also shows this to her followers with a photo of her wearing a black jacket covering her shoulders. The reality TV star has therefore adhered to the regulations – but only where it was absolutely necessary.

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