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Netflix Tip: In This Powerful Sci-Fi Cracker, ‘Black Widow’ Star Scarlett Johansson Is More Powerful Than Most Avengers – Cinema News

Currently, Scarlett Johansson can be seen as a superheroine without real superpowers in “Black Widow”. In today’s Netflix tip “Lucy” it’s completely different. Even the most powerful Avengers would have to be wary of this woman…


Scarlett Johansson is best known today for her longtime role as Natasha Romanoff aka “Black Widow”. Between her appearances as Avenger, the native New Yorker with Danish ancestors has also made other action films worth seeing, for example the manga adaptation “Ghost In The Shell”, which does not come close to the anime film adaptation in terms of philsophical content, but still offers visually impressive sci-fi action and can currently be seen on Netflix. However, this is not about “Ghost In The Shell”, but about “Lucy” from 2014 (also available on Netflix).

“Lucy” is an entertaining and gripping sci-fi actioner by French star director Luc Besson (“The Fifth Element”, “Leon – The Professional”), in which Scarlett Johansson becomes the most powerful person on earth due to unfortunate circumstances.

That’s what “Lucy” on Netflix is all about

The student Lucy (Scarlett Johannson) has only recently known Richard (“Game Of Thrones” villain Pilou Asbaek) and has made friends with him despite his untrustful nature. Not a good idea: Richard works as an errand boy for powerful criminals and forces Lucy to deliver a suitcase for him.

Shortly thereafter, Lucy finds herself in the hands of Richard’s Korean clients, who implant a packet of a super drug into her abdomen to smuggle it into Europe. But in the event of an incident, the packaging breaks down and the blue powder spreads throughout Lucy’s body. It develops strange powers, its perception becomes stronger and stronger and a little later it can control electronic devices such as televisions and radios remotely. But this is only the beginning of their power…

As brain researcher Samuel Norman (Morgan Freeman) explains in a parallel montage, people only use 10 percent of their thinking apparatus. However, the chemical reaction in Lucy’s body has set in motion a chain reaction that is now revealing more and more untapped potential. Lucy suspects that she doesn’t have long to live under these circumstances and asks Norman for help.

A slightly different action thriller

“Lucy” starts like a typical revenge thriller, but then quickly takes a completely different direction. As soon as the drug called CPH4 infiltrates her cells, Scarlett Johansson’s character first shoots her tormentors on the spot. But another goal quickly takes center stage: Lucy is suddenly a completely new being. Their perception rises immeasurably and their memory goes back to their birth.

She now has almost unlimited knowledge, feels every cell in her body and is even able to control matter. Not even most Avengers can keep up with that, but what to do with such a power?


Lucy can easily fish digital data streams out of the air and has many other superpowers.

Lucy quickly becomes aware of her responsibility to humanity and calmly accepts her own imminent demise. The brutal gangsters who follow her at every turn become a minor matter. An original and refreshing approach to an action film whose premise is completely pulled by the hair, but thanks to the ingeniously exaggerated staging of Luc Besson simply entertains very well.

It is not for nothing that we award 4 out of 5 stars in our FILMSTARTS review and judge: “‘Lucy’ is insane, completely gaga, exuberant in every respect, not a spark believable in a second, but nevertheless a lot of fun.”

The FILMSTARTS review of “Lucy”

So you shouldn’t expect a science-based science fiction movie from our Netflix tip, that would just take the fun out of it. Think of “Lucy” as a superhero movie. After all, in this genre, it doesn’t bother us when a spider’s bite makes a boy crawl along the walls or gamma radiation creates a green rage monster.

Despite everything, in “Lucy” there is also the onee or other exciting way of thinking: What moral duty does an almighty being have? What makes people more destructive: knowledge or ignorance? And can all life, despite our attempts to give it meaning, not only be traced back to the primitive cycle of reproduction and decay?

Philosophy-savvy science fiction fans can enjoy it. For everyone else, there’s still the rich action for which switching on Netflix is worthwhile!

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