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In the German trailer for “Ride”, a taxi ride for Bella Thorne becomes a horror trip – Kino News

James (Jesse T. Usher) and the beautiful Jessica (Bella Thorne) suspect nothing evil. But then they end up in a car with a psychopath and the worst hours of their lives begin. Here is the German trailer for “Ride”:

James (Jessie T. Usher) has no success as an actor – and therefore drives passengers through Los Angeles night after night as an Uber driver. One day, the talkative Bruno (Will Brill) gets into his car and because he is so enormously charming and also waves with a juicy tip, James even responds to his special requests. First, he is supposed to pick up the beautiful chance acquaintance Jessica (Bella Thorne) from a club – but as soon as that happens, Bruno suddenly shrugs a gun and threatens to kill the other two if they don’t do exactly what he asks of them…

The hostage thriller “Ride”, which takes place almost entirely in a car, was shown at the Fantasy Filmfest last year. There we saw him and had been with the “to a large extent atmospheric chamber play […] which lives above all from its strong protagonists” quite fun, only the finale unfortunately left us a bit disillusioned:

FILMSTARTS review of “Ride”

The film was written and directed by Jeremy Ungar, who is making his feature film debut. Leading actress Bella Thorne is known from the Adam Sandler comedy “Urlaubsreif” and the “Scream” TV series, co-star Jessie T. Usher played the son of Will Smith’s character from Part 1 in “Independence Day: Return”. From March 29, 2019 you can buy “Ride” on DVD and Blu-ray in this country.

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