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Baby trade: was Angelina Jolie’s adopted son Maddox bought from his parents?


Baby trade: was Angelina Jolie’s adopted son Maddox bought from his parents?

Los Angeles (USA) / Cambodia – Maddox Jolie-Pitt (19) was adopted as an orphan by actress Angelina Jolie (46) in 2002 . But new findings suggest that the parents of the native Cambodian are not dead and never wanted to give up their son voluntarily.

At least that’s what a new documentary about adoption processes in Cambodia suggests.

According to The Sun, this could now degenerate into a scandal for Jolie.

The US actress adopted Maddox in 2002 at the age of seven months with her first husband Billy Bob Thornton, 65.

She has organized the adoption of children from Cambodia for years and is said to have proceeded quite unscrupulously.

Her employees knowingly deceived the birth parents of Jolie’s adopted son and later told the actress that Maddox was an orphan.

As early as 2002, the placement process was temporarily stopped because the responsible agency had come under suspicion of child trafficking.

Angelina Jolie adopted son Maddox from Cambodia in 2002

Angelina Jolie’s adoption agent convicted of forging birth documents

In addition, it is said to have paid the Cambodian mothers so little for their babies that they could hardly buy more than a sack of rice from it, reported ABC at the time. Galindo was later sentenced to several months’ imprisonment for money laundering and forgery of birth documents.

Jolie claimed at the time that everything had been “checked carefully” in her case.

In 2017, however, a Cambodian social worker claimed he was personally involved in the forgery of documents relating to Maddox’s adoption papers. The statement has not yet been officially checked.

Filmmaker Elizabeth Jacobs (21) now wants to get to the bottom of the hustle and bustle of Galindo in “The Stolen Children”.

The 21-year-old was born in Cambodia herself. Her adoptive parents also used Lauryn Galindo as a go-between.


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