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Ariana Grande a racist? Wedding video upsets fans


It’s been almost two months since Ariana Grande married her fiancé Dalton Gomez. Now a video of the wedding ceremony is causing a lot of criticism.

Los Angeles (USA) – It’s been almost two months since the US singer Ariana Grande (28, “Positions”) her fiancé, the real estate agent Dalton Gomez (25), married. Now a video of the wedding ceremony is causing a lot of criticism.

Ariana Grande has almost 250 million followers on her Instagram account. She inspires them almost daily with selfies and videos from her everyday life.

Usually, there are a lot of likes for this. However, an excerpt of her wedding celebration, which the musician now published in her Insta story, attracted the displeasure of her fans.

In it, the 28-year-old imitates an indigenous ritual: Grande crouches on the floor and her friends and her husband wear supposedly traditional headdresses and sit in a drum circle around her.

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Then everyone gets up and dances and drums to traditional music, while the bride waves a cloth in the air and seems to make fun of the whole procedure.

It turned out shortly after the release that the clip was created as part of an escape room challenge. Still, some found the behavior of the Grammy winner and her friends inappropriate and racist.

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Ariana Grande is said to have made fun of indigenous peoples

According to her critics, Grande has no right to use the dances and songs of foreign cultures.

On the net, she was therefore described as “fake” and “disrespectful”. She herself did not comment on the incident, deleted the clip from her social networks without comment.

“The video that Ariana Grande uploaded (now deleted) was very racist AND ignorant. I hope you apologize to all indigenous people who follow you and support you,” a Twitter user said.

Whether the singer will follow suit remains questionable.

Not the first accusation of racism against Ariana Grande

It is not the first time that their racist behavior has been accused.

In 2019, she had a Japanese tattoo on the palm of her hand, although she neither speaks the language nor there is an obvious connection between her and Japan – an absolute no-go for many of her fans.

In addition, Grande is regularly accused of “blackfishing”: The pop singer dyes her hair and makes up her complexion much darker than they are by nature.

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