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The Truth About Jennifer Aniston – TV

Her men, her quirks, her millions: The documentary The True Story of Jennifer Aniston” (Monday, June 28, 6 p.m., ZDF Info) gives insights into the life of the superstar.

Granted, it sounds like a cliché – but sometimes life actually writes the craziest stories. For example, in the case of Jennifer Aniston (52), whose career began in 1994 at a gas station in L.A. There, the still unknown 25-year-old Warren Littlefield, the then president of NBC Entertainment, crossed the path. He was so electrified by her sight that he suggested her directly for the role of Rachel in the planned series “Friends”.

A fairytale career start, which is now illuminated in the documentary “The True Story of Jennifer Aniston” (here in the ZDF media library).

GOLDENE KAMERA exclusively reveals more exciting facts about the star: At first glance, Aniston had great starting conditions. Her father John was one of the stars in the US soap “Time of Longing”, her godfather Telly Savalas played the bald-headed New York cop “Kojak”. But young Jennifer suffered from a complex because her mother Nancy Dow persuaded her that her nose was exceptionally large. Fortunately, she was not deterred in the end.

Jennifer attended LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in Manhattan, had an extra role in the movie “Mick, My Friend from the Other Star,” and moved from New York to Hollywood. Her life there began with a succession of disappointments. Although Aniston got her first leading role in the horror film “Leprechaun” in 1992, it failed with critics and audiences. The sitcom “Molloy” and the series “Ferris Bueller” also flopped, Aniston was about to give up. At the low point, however, fate made up for everything: Almost at the same time, offers for “Saturday Night Live” and “Friends” came. Jennifer became Rachel Green – and a star overnight.

Initially, Jennifer got $22,500 per “Friends” episode, and in the end a million per episode! At the zenith, she married Brad Pitt. But in 2004, the dream was over for the time being: “Friends” ended after ten years and Pitt left Aniston for Angelina Jolie.

As if she wanted to compensate for her love pain at least on the screen, she shot several romantic comedies in the following period, including a few flops. In 2014, however, the change came with “Cake”. Critics called her portrayal of a pain patient “Oscar-ready.” Although she did not receive the prize, she had reinvented herself. Today, Aniston is a world star. Her company “Echo Films” produces hits like “Murder Mystery” for Netflix. For “The Morning Show”, her first major series role after “Friends”, she won the “Screen Actors Guild Award”.

And she broke an Instagram record in 2019 by the way: Five hours and 16 minutes after joining, she already had a million followers!

Currently, the “Good Girl” with the scandal-free life can be seen in “Friends: The Reunion” (on Sky). How did she do all this? In any case, she was refueling at just the right time.

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