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Scarlett Johansson: “I’m less afraid now than I used to be”

Success is on their shoulders

After appearances in the previous Marvel films (with billions in box-length results, the most successful film series of all time), “Black Widow” is now supposed to continue this: everything crashes and explodes, that it is just his joy, and when there is no bellows, we are amiced by tongue-in-cheek funny dialogues. Superheroes also have their quirks. And if they are sometimes raised for them, that’s only right and good.

That being said, in her first solo adventure, Black Widow has to deal with long-broken relationships and a conspiracy that has to do with her past as a spy. So there is everything that modern blockbuster cinema has to offer. And above all she: Scarlett Johansson, who carries and leads this sinful, elaborate, turnover-dependent super production and must lead it to success. A responsibility. For others. For your own career. That too, not for the faint of heart.

Colorful work and best paid

“I definitely feel more comfortable today taking risks and throwing myself into things I don’t know,” Johansson reveals. “Jumping into uncharted waters and seeing how things unfold.” Taking risks was worth it for the daughter of a Danish architect and an American woman. Especially since Johansson has always proven himself. With her talent has convinced in a wide variety of films. In comedies like “Don Jon” by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in mysterious science fiction experimental films like “Under the Skin” as well as in actioners like “Lucy” or just as a voice in the animated film “Sing” – a rather weird mixture.

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