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No more KKW Beauty – Is Kim Kardashian closing her company because of Kanye?

Kim Kardashian has revealed on social media that she is rebranding her beauty brand.

Kim Kardashian has revealed on social media that she is rebranding her beauty brand.



In three weeks, Kim Kardashian will close the Scots at her beauty company KKW Beauty. At least for a time when a complete rebranding is pending. Or is it about the W in the name?

You can think whatever you want of the Kardashians – when it comes to business, no one is fooling them so quickly. After Kylie made headlines at times as the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, Kim also made it into the Forbes list of the super-rich this year. Among other things, she owes her success to her beauty company KKW Beauty. Now the reality TV star has announced via Instagram that he will temporarily close the business from August 1. Before that, there is a big sale, currently with 20% on almost all products.

Statement on social media

The reason for the short-term closure is a rebranding that the company is imminent. Kim writes: “It all started with a contour kit and over the last four years has expanded into a wide range for eyes, lips and the body, with many incredible collections. On August 1, at midnight, we will take the website offline to return with a completely new brand, innovative, modern formulations and sustainable, new packaging.”

“I am looking forward to developing and expanding my brand for my customers. My team is also working hard to improve the shopping experience so that all my cosmetic and beauty offers will be available on one website. Thanks to everyone who has accompanied me on my journey so far. I promise we won’t be away for long. XO, Kim Kardashian.”

Is Kanye the reason?

Kim’s followers, however, suspect a completely different reason for the shutdown: After her divorce from Kanye West in January, Kim may want to change the name of her brand, because KKW is an abbreviation for Kim Kardashian West. On her own Instagram account, Kim continues to use this name so far.

How much truth is in the rumor is not yet clear – however, Kim already had the SKKNS brand protected in March and registered it as a provider of skin care, hair, nails and candles. If Kim’s statement on social media is to be believed, this brand will be available on the same website as the new KKW Beauty. We are curious.

What do you think, is the name of the “West” behind the rebranding of KKW Beauty? Join the discussion in the comments!

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