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Jennifer Aniston: Your routine for a healthy lifestyle from 50 – including a coffee ritual

Jennifer Aniston is a pioneer when it comes to changing the general perception of aging – both as a woman in Hollywood and as a woman who doesn’t see her fifth decade of life as a time when she suddenly becomes invisible.

“I want to be careful with the language I use when I talk about getting older,” she says. Here, Jennifer Aniston tells us which philosophies she adopts, which experts she listens to and which coffee ritual she swears by in order not only to age well, but also to continue to ‘thrive’.

1. The Golden Rule: No Phone in the Morning

One of my top rules is that I don’t look at my phone at least in the first hour after waking up. The mental difference this makes affects the whole day. I have my chargers in a drawer that’s a meter from my bed, and I have a small iPod or iPhone from 2012 that I mucked out and use exclusively for my alarm clocks and my sleep apps.

Sometimes I treat myself to more than an hour without having to check my phone. Meanwhile, I take care of my dogs, go for a walk and prepare my coffee. My coffee is very important to me: I add my Vital Proteins Original Peptides Powder to it, then I add some cinnamon and a packet of stevia. While I mix all this, I heat some almond milk and my favorite coffee is ready.

2. Meditation and diaries

It can be extremely difficult to pick up only a limited amount of messages and content. But there are just times when I need a break – from news and social media. I understand the innocence with which they were created and the intention behind them to bring people together and create a social community, but it can quickly become toxic. Negative comments can be very frustrating. This is all really devastating for a person like me who believes that you should be kind to those around you or that you should do something good for others. I find it really scary that there’s this out there – this kind of negativity, anger and rage.

Every morning, after drinking my coffee, I take time for meditation and diary writing. I do my meditation for 20 minutes with an app. During the pandemic, that was really helpful to me. After doing my 20-minute meditations, I take out my diary. Some days I just write in my mind for 10-12 minutes, other days I write gratitude lists.

The “Insight Timer Meditation” app is available in both the Apple and Play Stores.

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3. Jennifer Aniston’s pro-aging mentality

My mother was always so healthy and fit when I was a child. That has always been the basis for me. We weren’t allowed to eat all the fun cereals my friends had. As I got older, I started looking at my mother, grandmother, and the older ones in my life. They didn’t yet have the knowledge we have today about ingredients and exercise. Yes, it’s great to be fit and look good, but actually it should be about our cells and our muscles so that we can grow old and thrive. What my mother always said to me was, “It’s about longevity. It’s a privilege to grow old, but we don’t have to get sick.”

This has become a big issue in my life: enjoying the age I am in and not viewing aging as something negative, but as the privilege it is. We are all aging! My doctor – I don’t want to give her name because I’ve flooded her with so many people that she barely has time for me anymore – is a functional medicine doctor, so she’s really progressive. She doesn’t prescribe medication all the time. Rather, she says, “How can we solve health problems with vitamins and nutrition?”

4. You never stop learning

Two summers ago I had just finished a film and I had to, or I wanted to continue my education. So I said to my manager, “Wouldn’t it be interesting to invite different people on certain topics?” So i organizedch salons on Sundays and let different people come and talk, like Jessica Yellin on politics; Jay Shetty on grounding; and David Sinclair on science, vital life and aging.

I’m at an age where I’m more interested in my health than ever, and my life is thriving, but according to society, that’s when I should go out to pasture. No no no. The youth belongs to the boys, I understand that. But I still want to feed information into my head that can inspire me.

5. It’s never too late for a healthy lifestyle

One of the things Dr. Sinclair believes is that as we age, our cells begin to shut down and the lights in our bodies go out. But you can turn those lights, these genes, back on. The information and recommendations in his book ‘Lifespan’ are truly amazing.

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