Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Competition: Summer film Palm Spings for your home cinema

How about a déjà vu again to make the summer even more beautiful and colorful? Don’t worry we don’t want to hold anyone in a time loop, but having fun with it is already possible. At least in the new movie PALM SPRINGS. The romantic time travel comedy is more than turbulent, because Nyles and Sarah, two wedding guests, are stuck in a time loop and they have very different ways of dealing with the situation.

While Nyles calls for a competition to let the same wedding day of his friends end differently in a funny, chaotic or frivolous way, Sarah tries desperately to find her way back to reality.

Andy Samberg really takes on the role of the casual Nyles. Who wouldn’t like to be able to tap into any nonsense without the prospect of consequences? Everything that is considered taboo at a wedding, he really tastes in Palm SPRINGS. The Wedding-Crasher Deluxe does not shy away from a night with the bride. He takes every blunder, every faux pas from inappropriate to harmless with him as a matter of course. That’s what many a best man dreams of.

Sarah, played by Cristin Milioti, who suddenly shares the same fate through a mishap, deals with it less calmly. Any kind of escape leads her the following morning completely unharmed in the same hotel room. Arrrh! But Nyles gives her an idea of how to let go. When both begin to enjoy this curious situation together, it gets really funny.

From July 9, the summer comedy, which unfortunately did not make it to the cinemas due to the pandemic, will be available as a DVD, Blu-ray or digital streaming service.


As a little Juli Goodie we would like to invite you together with LEONINE Studios to this amusing journey through time. For this we raffle 1x the DVD and 1x the Blu-ray to PALM SPRINGS. Of course we are curious so tell us your personal Dejavu experiences to participate in the raffle.