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Bella Thorne surprises her fiancé with a ring

Bella Thorne breaks with gender clichés: Benjamin Mascolo got a ring from her for the engagement.

Former Disney actress and now award-winning director Bella Thorne recently announced her engagement to Italian actor and musician Benjamin Mascolo. Mascolo had made public on his Instagram account in March that he had proposed to Bella Thorne and she had said yes. At that time, Thorne was surprised with a sumptuous engagement ring – now it was his turn.

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As Benjamin Mascolo shows on Instagram, he also received a sparkling piece of jewelry from Bella Thorne for the engagement. “She gave me an engagement ring,” reads the enthusiastic caption among several photos that show Mascolo and Thorne all in white – presumably while ring shopping – in Beverly Hills.

Also in the photos is the sparkling ring that Benjamin Mascolo was put on by his future wife. The golden Klunker is set with diamonds in true style. A snapshot also shows Bella Thorne kissing the ring.

The two thus break away from outdated role models – why should even one party be allowed to wear a ring during an engagement? The fact that Mascolo was the one who made the proposal seems more of a coincidence: When he announced the engagement in March with the words “She said yes”, Bella Thorne commented: “You would have said yes too” – indicating that she would probably have had no problem making the proposal.

Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo have been a couple since 2019. The two had met via Instagram. Soon the couple will be in front of the camera together for the first time: In the indie film “Time Is Up” they will be seen in the leading roles, as “Deadline” reports.

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