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These are her 5 best music videos

Since 2015, the Billie-Eilish phenomenon seems unstoppable. First she uploads her very first song “Ocean Eyes” to Soundcloud at the age of 13 and goes viral, then the now 19-year-old releases her hugely successful debut album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? (2019) and now announced their second studio album HAPPIER THAN EVER for July 30, 2021. Paired with their music, however, some music videos were released that are worth a closer look at. Here are their – from our point of view – five best videos so far.

“My Future”

For the music video for “My Future”, Billie Eilish collaborated with illustrator and animation director Andrew Onorato, who previously illustrated music videos such as “Feels Like Summer” by Childish Gambino and “Talk It Out” by Matt Corby and Tash Sultana. For “My Future”, Onorato lets a thoughtful-animated Billie Eilish walk through a rainy forest landscape in the first melancholic-dreamy one and a half minutes by moonlight. With the musical break in the middle of the song, the video finally turns. The dark shadow that covered everything recedes – leaf by leaf, the world blossoms again, branches and twigs rise around Billie Eilish and carry her to the end of the song towards the sky. This song could not have been better translated visually.

“when the party’s over”

It was not only Billie Eilish’s biggest hit to date, but also the music video for “when the party’s over” fascinated millions of people within a very short time. The one-shot video is kept quite simple and only shows Billie Eilish drinking a glass with a black liquid, which shortly afterwards leaves her body as tears. After fans desperately tried to unravel the mystery of the black tears, Billie Eilish finally shared a making-of clip revealing that two narrow tubes had been fastened over her forehead and inner corners of her eyes. From there, the liquid was then run over her face like tears with the help of small pumps. In post-production, the hoses were finally retouched out.

all the good girls go to hell

This music video is visually as impressive as it is elaborate. Right at the beginning, the video shocks in typical Billie Eilish style and shows how about a dozen syringes are rammed into her back, from which she then grows two white-sprung wings. But there is no angel video that follows – but a scene in which the inspired Billie Eilish hits the earth in a black-oily mud hole and henceforth drags herself through a burning backdrop like a bird scarred by an oil spill.

Your Power

With this song Billie Eilish gave the prelude to her new album HAPPIER THAN EVER in April of this year. In the accompanying video, the 19-year-old has once again managed to visually package the mood of the song in such a way that it is suitable and surprising at the same time. Because the initially epic-animated nature shots – in which she sings squatting on a rocky outcrop – are punced from the second verse by scenes in which a huge snake wraps itself piece by piece around Billie Eilish’s neck and finally around her whole body.

Therefore I Am

For the video of “Therefore I Am” Billie Eilish was celebrated mainly because she took over the direction herself. The video was released in November 2020, at the height of the corona pandemic, which is why it was probably easier to organize the video shoot in a completely empty shopping mall. Visibly amused, Eilish strolls from store to shop in the video and does her mischief. About the shoot, she later said that it was so fun not least because she has hardly dared to go public since her breakthrough. Simply strolling through a shopping mall – she hasn’t done that for a long time.

You can find out more about the story of Billie Eilish in Musikexpress 08/2021, available at newsstands since 15 July 2021.

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