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No Photoshop: Selena Gomez publishes bikini selfie and scar

Instead of retouching her scar and bruises, Gomez uploaded a natural bikini photo to the net.


Self-acceptance and love
Since her childhood, Selena Gomez has been in front of the camera for various series, was able to prove herself in front of the bosses of Disney in the end and call her own show. In addition to the role of Alex Russo in “The Wizards of Waverly Place”, Gomez also tried her way into the music business and dropped his first own hits before the American had also released three number one albums.

But the acting musician was not always really happy, but had to deal with lurking paparazzi and was photographed day and night. And some of these photos were finally the trigger for various hate messages and insults, which Selena was exposed to around the clock. She became depressed, went on one diet after another, and almost despaired of her life choices. But then Sel fell ill with the autoimmune disease lupus, had to have a kidney transplanted and sold her house in Los Angeles.

“Finally I feel feminine, [mein] Body feels good. I love good food and always feel like chocolate and other things. I want to enjoy my life and not just have to think about my diet,” Selena Gomez told OK! magazine and is happy about their new curves. And she put it on display again at the beginning of July 2021 when she presented her own bikini collaboration with LaMariette:

No more Photoshop
Instead of being photographed as usual by a dedicated photographer who will edit the images at the end, Gomez has opted for a completely natural look. Via Instagram story, the American finally presented a bikini selfie, in which she not only wore the two-piece swimwear pictured above, but also sees her scar on her right leg and a bruise on her left thigh:

Where does the scar come from?
At the end of 2020, Selena Gomez appeared in a swimsuit for the first time since the kidney transplant in autumn 2015 and explained that she would normally always have her scar retouched in pictures. This time, however, she wanted to show them to all 242 million Instagram followers.

“I remember that after my kidney transplant, it was very difficult to show my scar. I didn’t want her to be seen in photos, so I wore things that would cover the scar. I am more aware than ever of who I am and what I have been through… and I’m proud of that,” Gomez wrote about the post.

Around 13.6 million fans have since left Selena a red heart for her photo and agreed with her opinion that “all bodies are beautiful”.

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