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Masked Singer: Caitlyn Jenner shocks Kendall & Kylie with participation

In the second episode of the fifth American season of “The Masked Singer”, the phoenix was unmasked and showed his true face: sports and TV personality Caitlyn Jenner was in costume.


Masked Singer USA
The TV show “The Masked Singer” is already world-famous and no longer an insider tip. Instead, there are already versions from Austria, Germany and the USA, which hit like a bomb and the South Korean original do not cause any shame. And while in the Federal Republic of Germany the anticipation for the finale of the fourth season is currently increasing, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, March 23, 2021, only the fifth round started in the United States of America in mid-March.

The internationally successful singers Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger form the jury with the actors Jenny McCarthy and Ken Jeong and try to unmask the masked celebrities round by round. In the first episode of the fifth season, the snail had to go and take off the mask. None other than Kermit the Frog hid in the outfit and thrilled all fans:

Shock for the Kardashian-Jenner clan
The second episode of “The Masked Singer USA” was broadcast on Wednesday, March 17, 2021, in which, among other things, a chameleon, a pig and the phoenix sang for the entry into the next round. But the latter, a celebrity hidden in costume, could not score with the performance of Kesha’s “Tik Tok” and was unmazed in the end. But who wanted to reinvent themselves and confessed that he or she had “worn a mask all his life”?

Something new
Caitlyn Jenner – formerly William Bruce Jenner – took part in the singing show and had to take off the phoenix’s costume at the end. In an interview with “Entertainment Weekly”, the sports and TV personality confessed that she had told her two daughters Kendall and Kylie about their participation, that they were “professionals in secret”. Otherwise, she was not allowed to tell anyone about the coup.

“I told them both because we are close. And I told them, ‘You won’t believe it, but I’m really taking part in it.’ And they both answered me the same thing: ‘Why are you doing something like this?!’ And I said, ‘Why? On the one hand, love a challenge and you know that. And on the other hand, we are currently living in a pandemic and I just have nothing else to do. And they asked me. So why shouldn’t I do something new and leave my comfort zone?’ As a participant, you have to keep the secret and not talk about it. You sign one paper at a time. You can’t say a word,” Caitlyn explained, adding that she had rehearsed some songs with a vocal coach. But that person had only been switched on via Zoom call, after which Jenner had turned to her son Brandon. “He has his own band and studio, lives just a few miles away and was on fire,” the phoenix concluded.

You can watch her performance of Kesha’s “Tik Tok” here:

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